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Commercial Real Estate Round Up: Summer 2017

Meg Horvat Photograph

Posted By Meg Horvat

Summertime is crazy- between the barbecues, the pool parties, and kids out of school, schedules are different and it is easy to miss things! We are taking this week to round up a few of our favorite things we learned this summer to help catch you up so you do not miss a beat as fall kicks into gear! 

1: Retail is Learning to Pivot

Back in May, we learned about what is happening in the retail sector with Ben’s blog post “Reflections on Retail: the Amazon Effect.” Ben explained some of the trends in the market and how retailers are learning to change directions to fit consumers’ needs.  

2: Meeting New People is Awesome!

We met a couple of people here on LTP Property Lines this summer as well! In June, Tommy introduced us the UNCSA’s Chancelor, Lindsay Bierman. Lindsay told us a little bit about what he loves about Winston-Salem and why our city’s growth is exciting. We also met the newest member of LTP, Cole Carns. In the couple months Cole has been at LTP, he has learned a lot about the industry and helped our brokers be more effective as he is learning the market. 

3: The job market is growing

In July, Apto’s blog taught us about what is going on in the job market and what that means for commercial real estate in their post: “Strong job creation drives demand for commercial real estate

4: Winston-salem is buzzing with bees and innovation

Colony Urban Farm held an event at our office in June where they taught us about the effects bees have on our environment and the importance of helping #savethebees! They also showed us aninnovative way to use unused commercial real estate space to help live sustainably in an urban setting like downtown Winston-Salem. 

5: Commercial real estate is an exciting investment

Lastly (although there are many more than five things we learned!), Dan helped remind us about some of the benefits commercial real estate offers for investors, both new and seasoned investors alike! We always love being reminded about what CRE can ultimately bring to our clients!


Share with us on Twitter some of the most interesting things you learned this summer! Chances are, in the craziness of our summer here at LTP, we missed something as well!