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LTP Property Lines Round Table Discussion: Economic Impact Regroup

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In today’s economic climate, we are all seeking information and answers. In order to help you navigate this time, we have been conducting bi-weekly Zoom calls to review helpful information for you and your business. On each call we gathered a panel of local leaders to share their perspective on a particular theme and answer your questions. 

For our final  virtual roundtable discussion in this series, we circled back with our very first panelists: Mayor Allen Joines, Mark Owens of Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. and Jason Thiel of the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership. The bulk of this conversation centered on regrouping with these leaders to discuss our city’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic and their thoughts on our community’s economic outlook. Since we spoke with them two months ago, a lot has changed and we are eager to hear their thoughts on everything going on. 

That being said, there is clearly more going on in our community and in our country than just the present pandemic, particularly as it pertains to racial inequality in our society. It would have been insensitive and irresponsible for us to have gathered on this call and not discussed these injustices as well as the protests in our city and across the country. We at Linville Team Partners recognize that we have a powerful voice and platform in our community and we want to use both to the best of our ability to amplify the voices of those who are so often unheard and to educate those around us about how we can create a better community hear in Winston-Salem. 

Obviously this was all a lot to address within an hour long webinar and we want to say from the outset that we know that we only scratched the surface. We commit to continuing to listen, learn, and do more in Winston-Salem to stand with the black community. As we think through future round table discussions, this commitment will be at the forefront of our minds. 

If you missed this round table, you can watch the full recording by clicking the video below! 






We will now be taking a brief break from these bi-weekly discussions. Our plan is to regroup in order to think through how best to tackle important conversations in our community such as these going forward. As we plan for future round tables, we would love to hear your thoughts. If you have ideas for future calls and how we can continue to be a voice for change in our community, please let us know by submitting them below!