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The Power of Market Knowledge


A buyer approached Linville Team Partners with interest in purchasing Piedmont Manor apartments, despite the fact that the property was not on the market. Linville Team Partners reached out to the owner, William Sass, to inquire if he would be willing to sell. Although the buyers did not ultimately purchase this property, LTP’s brokers continued the conversation with the owner about his goals for the investment and how selling the property may help achieve those goals. 


In these continued conversations with the owner, LTP began to understand the owner’s goals for the investment and, based on market knowledge, realized that repositioning would be required for the property to be sold at the desired price. LTP developed a detailed market update and valuation of the property to illustrate the present status of the property for the owner. Rather than simply presenting a less desirable sales price for the property, LTP’s team created a marketing strategy for the owner that would outline, to a buyer, the upside potential the property offered. 


Linville Team Partners’ market knowledge and deal execution ultimately resulted in: 

  • A well-positioned, well-illustrated marketing strategy showcasing the property’s significant upside through detailed investment analysis and future lease-up and repositioning strategies. 
  • A $2,400,00 sales price, which exceeded the owner’s goals for his investment. 
  • A smooth transition of the property’s management, facilitated by recommendations and assistance from LTP. 

Linville Team Partners impressed me with the breadth of their market knowledge. They used their expertise to land a sale that more than achieved my goals for the investment. The professionalism, constant communication, and market knowledge was above and beyond what any brokerage had ever provided in the past. Any future real estate investment projects I have will begin with a call to Linville Team Partners.”

William Sass
Bearolina One, LLC