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Commercial Real Estate Round Up: Fall 2017

Meg Horvat Photograph

Posted By Meg Horvat

Is it just me, or does every season seem to go by quicker and quicker? We are taking this week to round up a few of our favorite things we learned about commercial real estate and our community this season to make sure you aren’t behind on anything!

1: Winston-Salem Parks are the Place(s) to Be

At the end of September, Coleman sat down with Ben Schwab and Pete Fala at STITCH Design Shop to talk about the work they have done in three Winston-Salem parks. They talked to us about how designing outdoor spaces in a particular way can help facilitate community building and why this is important in the growth of a city like Winston-Salem. 

2: Everyone is going crazy over Amazon HQ2

Amazon announed on September 7th that they were looking for a location for their sencond headquarters “HQ2”. They received a total of 238 proposals from locations looking to become the next Seattle (including Seattle itself!). Cities approached with proposal process with creativity – including sending Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, a twenty-one foot cactus and an offer to rename Stonecrest, GA  “Amazon,” GA. One thing is for certain, HQ2 coming to a city is sure to provide a massive investment in and shake-up of their community. 

3: Offices are Stepping into the Future

In October, Apto taught us about some of the high-tech changes in the office market. They discussed how companies in London, Tokyo, New York City, and Beijing are using some of the same technology used on spaceships (seriously, spaceships!) to create a more comfortable work environment and ultimately increase worker’s productivity. To continue the discussion, Coleman wrote about what your office design communicates about your culture (a great extention of his first two blog posts earlier this year about office design trends part one and part two).

4: Beer Brews Community

In September, we spoke with Jim Jones, one of the owners of Joymongers Brewery, about what they are going to do at their second location. As he described Barrell Hall and the West End neighborhood it will open in, it was evident that the purchase of 480 West End Blvd. was not just a commercial real estate decision, but a chance to be a part of the investment and growth in the community. 

5: Winston is Still Welcoming Growth and Change 

In November, Wake Forest Innovation Quarter hosted their annual Town Hall meeting. Our Marketing Director, Kristen Hansen, attended and filled us in on some of the ways Innovation Quarter is continuing to build momentum in downtown Winston-Salem. It was exciting to hear about all the changes that are still ahead for our downtown and our city!


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