Linville Team Partners provides comprehensive real estate services to achieve our goal of added value in every client partnership. Our services include general brokerage and transaction management, tenant representation, landlord representation, retail growth, investment services, development advisory, real estate consulting, and special asset services. 

The LTP Commitment

The LTP culture is what drives everyone in our office and is a key component of what we look for when we consider adding people to our “family”. Our passion is commercial real estate and we strive towards innovative, value-add client service on a daily basis. Our commitment is to never be out-worked; the success of our clients is the responsibility of our entire office, not just an individual broker. We are dedicated to involvement in leadership roles within our industry and larger community as we have built a reputation as a premier brokerage firm in the country.

Any time we on-board a new team member, whether support staff or broker, there are a couple of things we emphasize. The first is that this is a collaborative environment. This means that if anyone has questions or needs help, we as the partners will always be available and willing to step in, and that this attitude is to be carried out by everyone else in our office. We believe that a collaborative environment cannot be achieved without a level of trust – between brokers and the partners, as well amongst the brokers themselves. 

As such, our second emphasis is that our office is a transparent place. As often as we can, we include all team members on decisions and encourage suggestions on what we, as a company, can be doing better. 

With collaboration and transparency at the heart of the LTP experience, we hope to create a space where teamwork is fostered. We have found that this all hand on deck approach to brokerage not only achieves better results for our clients, but also achieves greater success for our brokers as individuals. 

The teamwork that exists within LTP means that we genuinely enjoy working together and being around one another. This team has truly become our LTP family, which is something that is rare and not easily replicated.

Vision & Values


Our vision is to be the most reputable, value-driven & preferred commercial real estate firm in the Triad. To achieve this, we will provide creative and thoughtful services on a consistent basis & give meaningful value to our clients and community. We will continually promote a culture of ambi-tion & ingenuity while inspiring confidence through mentorship, collaboration & respect. 


Culture: Our internal commitment to building a fun & ambition-driven culture has helped us create a company we are proud of. We provide our brokers with maximum support, so they can grow, expand & do what they do best. 

Teamwork: A strategic, team-based approach to commercial real estate allows us to employ greater resources & provide consistent, seamless execution to every transaction; ensuring our clients receive the highest level of skill, care & diligence. 

Respect: Each & every one of our clients is met with the same high level of respect & courtesy. We seek to communicate with everyone we interact with consistently, honestly & in a timely manner. Our level of professionalism should, at all times, match our values. 

Community: Our agenda is to transform & enrich our community through commercial real estate. We view ourselves as members of our community & we believe that we succeed when our community succeeds. We strive to foster growth and knowledge internally & aim to give back to those around us. 

Partner Based Culture

It is no coincidence that “Partners” is in our name; partnership is a core piece of who LTP is and we believe that a path to partnership exists for every member of our team. We want every team member to know that we consider them leaders and owners of what we are creating together. Our goal is to promote everyone’s flourishing through encouragement, mentorship, and a pride in knowing this brokerage is all of ours to shape and guide. 

We believe that our path to partnership is, in part, a long-term succession plan to ensure the company always has capable, competent, knowledgeable leadership that value the environment we have created here. To that end, we have recently released an internal statement about what it means to be a partner and how one can attain this that we have shared with everyone at the company. There are four pillars that we feel are integral to those who become partners: culture, growth & participation, skill level & competency, and transactional value & tenure.

As you can see, this means that we have, and always will have, an expanded partner base. In addition to the intangible benefits that come with the pride of a felt ownership of what we are creating, our expanded partner base contributes to several tangible company-wide benefits, including growth in competency for each broker, size of the company, market share, and profitability 

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