1001 Techies, Foodies & Makers

October 15, 2018

1001 is an active, community focused, mixed-use development project designed to embrace the broader community, through extensive culinary opportunities and creative entrepreneurship. This development will be a key part of Winston-Salem’s fast evolving arts and innovation ecosystem.

1001 will convene a wide range of creative professions, including designers, engineers, artists, growers, makers, distributors, retailers, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs, creating a culture of open innovation. 1001 tenancy features Forsyth County’s first shared use commercial kitchen and incubator program; clothing design; small-scale industrial studios with a focus on food, health and textiles; shared office spaces; a bakery; and wellness services that may include yoga, pilates, bodywork, and retail.

Several tenants already in place offering education, workforce training and job opportunities within food and textile production, as well as business skills for startup initiatives. 

Click the link to learn more about the space available at 1001 S. Marshall Street